Easily Send Updates to Your Leads with New Email Blasts

Between texting and social media, today’s consumers have a wide variety of ways to connect with professionals and brands. Nevertheless, when asked how they prefer to communicate with businesses, more than 7 in 10 American consumers say they prefer email above all other methods.

With that in mind, we’ve created a set of tools to help real estate professionals leverage email, from customizable autoresponders that engage your leads right away, to sophisticated drip email campaigns to help you nurture leads with great content from capture to close.

Now, we’re pleased to announce Email Blasts, the newest email marketing tool in the Placester Platform.

With Email Blasts, you can easily send a one-time email to multiple leads on your Placester website in just a few clicks. Use our filtering options to target a particular audience based on lead source, type, and score, or send a message to all your leads at once.

After you’ve chosen your audience, you can compose your message from scratch, or select one of Placester’s pre-written templates. From announcing a price change or new listing, to following up with open house attendees, to sharing news about your team or website, there are countless ways to use Email Blasts to engage with leads and stay top of mind.

Once you’ve sent an Email Blast, you can use Placester’s reporting dashboard to view your send date, number of recipients, open rate and click rate, along with status and activity for each individual lead.

Email Blasts are included in our Essential, Premium, and Premium PLUS subscription bundles, and can be accessed under the “Email Blasts” tab, located within the Plans app in your Placester admin panel.

Want to learn more about Email Blast and other advanced Placester features? Schedule a demo with one of our experts to get a full private tour.

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