What’s New in Placester Mobile 1.1.0

We’ve just released the most recent version of Placester Mobile (1.1.0) for iPhone! Here’s what’s new:

Recent Lead Activity

App users with Placester’s Mobile CRM upgrade will now see a card on their Updates tab with a list of the 5 most recent leads who have viewed a property details page. (Not sure if you have Mobile CRM? Check your subscription by visiting the Settings menu in your app and selecting the “Mobile CRM” option.)


App users with Placester’s Mobile CRM upgrade can now view more details about their drip marketing Plans in the app, as well as add leads to and remove leads from existing Plans.

Delete a Lead

In addition to adding and editing leads, users can now delete unwanted leads from their contact list via Placester Mobile.

Bug Fixes and Improvements

We’ve made a few small fixes and enhancements throughout the app to create a better, more stable experience for our users.

To see these features in action, download the latest version of Placester Mobile from the App Store!

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